North Georgia Bee Farm
  • We sell calm North Georgia honeybees

  • A family owned and operated business, located in Hall County Georgia

  • Members of the Georgia Beekeepers Association 

  • We test mite levels with the alcohol wash method and use industry standard varroa mite treatments

  • Our Apiary uses wooden frames with naturally drawn comb

  • Plenty of parking for NUC or queen pick up 

  • North Georgia Bee Farm Queens produce a calm hive to allow the beekeeper an enjoyable experience. Of course a lot of this will be dependent on the weather and beekeeper habits, but the majority of time the bees are excellent to work with.

  • Chemical free pest management is important to us

  • New beekeepers are welcome and encouraged to ask questions

North Georgia Bee Farm
Georgia Beekeepers Association

Virgin Queen back from mating flight

North Georgia Bee Farm
North Georgia Bee Farm Queen
3 hole queen cages