Shipping Information

     Queen orders will be sent out through the USPS Priority Mail. Shipping times vary between 1-3 days, depending on your location. 

All Bees purchased from North Georgia Bee Farm are no longer our responsibility and are no longer warrantied by us after they have left the premises.

Please include your phone number, so the Post Master can call you if needed.

 $10 flat rate USPS Priority Mail, usually ships in 1-3 business days. 1-6 Queens per order

USPS Priority Express Mail, overnight is also available at check-out.

We use the international color guide for marking queens each year.
Below is the chart for your reference:
Years ending in:
0 and 5 are Blue 
1 and 6 are White
2 and 7 are Yellow
3 and 8 are Red
4 and 9 are Green
We do not clip wings

Taking orders for seasonal 5 frame nucs, $175 per nuc. Purchase deposit here to secure your 2021 seasonal nucs. The remaining balance is due on pick up. Supply is limited, so book yours today.

Bring your own empty nuc box or we will provide a white waxed cardboard nuc box for transportation.

North Georgia Bee Farm Queens

Overwintered NUC's  $100 deposit $100 at Pickup

Spring NUC's  $75 deposit $100 at Pickup

Spring Medium NUC's  $75 deposit $100 at Pickup

If you have questions about ordering feel free to e-mail or text me. I will respond as soon as I can.


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