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North Georgia Bee Farm, LLC

Office:1356 Montrose Dr. Gainesville Ga. 30501

Farm: 3737 Holy Springs Rd. Gillsville Ga. 30543

E-Mail: northgeorgiabeefarm@gmail.com

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These nucs have been overwintered in our apiary and available to you in late winter or early spring. Local Pickup only, No Shipping

Remaining ballance of $100 due at pickup

2019-2020 Over-wintered 5 frame nuc deposit

SKU: Overwintered NUC
    • 2020 -5 Frame nucs over-wintered on our farm
    • Established in September and available around the first or second week of March, depending on the weather
    • We only have a limited supply
    • $100 deposit required
    • 3 frames of bees and brood, 1-2 frames of stores and laying queen
    • Hive placed in a white waxed cardboard nuc for transportation to their new home or you can bring your own nuc box.
    • Local pick up only
    • Remaining ballance of $100 due at pickup