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All Bees purchased from North Georgia Bee Farm are no longer our responsibility and are no longer warrantied by us after they have left the premises.

       !!! Important please read before purchase !!!

        Bee Nuc Transport
Similar to bee packages, bee nucs must also be transported carefully. Bee nucs run even hotter than packages due to the brood present on the frames and the bees generating heat inside the mini colonies keeping the brood warm.   The ends of the nuc boxes where the ventilation holes are at should not be blocked and should be exposed to air conditioning vents if possible.   Orient multiple nucs with the vent ends open to the vehicle and not packed end to end.  
Travel with air conditioning on the coldest setting to help cool the bee nucs. If you are unable to run air conditioning then maintain air flow by opening windows and vents.   Do not transport nucs in the trunk or other closed areas as they can overheat easily.
If you are transporting them outside of the vehicle (in the bed of a truck, etc.), you need to keep the bees out of direct sun while having plenty of airflow around them.  
On extended trips in hot weather an option is to place small ice packs on top of the nuc box to help cool the surface of the box and this cool area will sink down through the lid and help to cool the bees inside.

         Will the bees get out of the nuc box?
This is a common question we get.  We close up the nucs and check for bee ‘leaks’  but there is a possibility that some loose bees will be on the outside of the nuc and also a chance that the bees inside the nuc will become creative and some may escape or ‘leak’ out. If this happens, some may fly from the nuc and buzz around inside the vehicle.  Bees flying around inside the vehicle are attracted to the sunlight so will fly to the windows and hang out there.   You can roll the windows down slightly and they will fly up to the top and out of the vehicle.  This is the easiest way to get them out of the vehicle, but you don’t want to lose the nuc bees so keeping them inside the nuc is best! 
If the possibility of loose bees in your vehicle concerns you then you should consider placing the bee nuc into a mesh transport bag.  Any bees in the mesh bag should be kept with that nuc and shaken out when the nuc is installed.  Do not close the nuc up in a bin or box as they will not have sufficient airflow.

      Bee Nuc Journey Home
Make sure that you head straight home after picking up nuc(s) and don’t stop at sit-down restaurants or to do shopping.   Unexpected things can happen to unattended nucs in vehicles.   Bee nucs can overheat quickly and these stresses will impact the ability of the colony to get off to a good start and thrive!   If you are traveling a long distance and are stopping part way to sleep at a rest stop, the nuc will be fine; however if you are going into a hotel room, take your nuc with you (mesh bag definitely recommended).  If left in a vehicle overnight the nuc can certainly overheat.
Once you arrive at home you have a few options:
1.    If you aren’t able to get to the hive location right away, bring the nuc inside and put in front of a floor fan to aide in ventilation (do NOT open nuc doors).  Continue to the installation instructions when ready – don’t wait too long. 
2.    If you aren’t able to install the nuc right away (if it is raining, dark or you want to give the bees time to settle) but can get to the permanent hive location then suit up and put the nuc on top of the permanent hive or right next to it.  Wear protective clothing as the bees will start coming out to explore their new surroundings and can ‘explode’ out of the nuc particularly if it is warm.   Opening the entrance even in rainy / bad weather is still recommended as it will allow the bees to ventilate the nuc more easily than if the entrance is closed.  Continue to installation instructions when ready. 
3.    If installing the nuc into the permanent hive right away then suit up, put the nuc near the permanent hive and continue to the installation instructions. 

Summary Do’s and Don’ts
•    Have your hive setup and tools ready beforehand 
•    Put nuc in a ventilated, cool vehicle 
•    Consider a mesh transport bag 
•    Keep bees out of direct sunlight 
•    Leave bees in vehicle while running errands 
•    Close bees up in a container or area with no airflow 
•    Leave bees inside house without a fan. 



North Georgia Bee Farm Queen

We usually do not mark the queens, unless noted at checkout.
Years ending in:
0 and 5 are Blue 
1 and 6 are White
2 and 7 are Yellow
3 and 8 are Red
4 and 9 are Green
We do not clip wings

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North Georgia Bee Farm Queen

Taking orders for spring 5 frame nucs, purchase deposit here to secure your 2024 nucs. The remaining balance is due on pick up. Supply is limited, so book yours today.

Your nuc will be placed in a plastic 5 frame nuc box for transportation. Pick up your nuc between 8-12pm on the date you purchased. No deposit refunds after March 1st.

North Georgia Bee Farm Queens

Overwintered NUC's  $120 deposit $100 at Pickup

Spring NUC's  $85 deposit $100 at Pickup

If you have questions about ordering feel free to e-mail or text me. I will respond as soon as I can.


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